Pano Paphos

If you are holidaying in Paphos you will probably be surprised to know that Paphos actually consists of two areas. The coastal resort area which is located around the harbour is known as Kato Paphos whilst the town of Paphos itself which is slightly inland is known as Pano Paphos.

Pano Paphos is built on a hill and is also locally known as Ktima. No matter where you are staying in Paphos taking a trip to Pano Paphos is well worth it. The road that leads up to Pano Paphos will not fail to impress you with it beauty and the town won’t disappoint either. Pano Paphos is extremely clean and in order.

When you enter the town of Pano Paphos do not be surprised if you are greeted with lots of flowers. It is quite usual for visitors to be welcomed this way no matter what time of year it is.

Pano Paphos is full of modern shops with a number of designer type outlets too. There are also a number of places where you can enjoy a relaxing meal and some great places to explore. There is a daily market that is well worth visiting. Be sure to go early though to avoid the crowds. At this market you will find local goods including leather and Lefkara lace.

On either side of the Griva Diveni Avenue in Pano Paphos you will find the Municipal Library. In front of this library is the famous Ionic 28 October column, which commemorates the Greek resistance to the Italians in 1940. On the same street you will also find some of the most impressive neoclassical buildings. These buildings include the Dimitrion Primary School, the Nikolaidion High School, the High School of Makarios III, and the entrance to the Lakoveion Stadium.

Pano Paphos is located inland from Kato Paphos which is on the coast so you will need to travel to the beach. There are a number of interesting places that you can visit and some excellent restaurants serving real Cypriot food. If you are holidaying in Kato Paphos a day trip to Pano Paphos is a must and something you should definitely not miss.


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