Paphos District Museum

The Paphos District Museum is located at the entrance of Paphos town and here you will find objects that represent all the prehistory and historic periods in Paphos.  The objects housed in the Paphos District Museum come from the Paphos district area and are some of the most interesting objects to have been discovered.

Paphos District Museum consists of five different exhibition rooms and one penthouse.  The penthouse is located in the yard of the museum and it is here that inscriptions and other limestone and marble objects are displayed.

Room one of the Paphos District Museum is where finds from some of Paphos’s prehistoric sites are exhibited.  These are from the sites of Lemba and Kissonerga.  You will also find ceramic vessels from the Bronze Age and a small collection of jewellery.

Room two represents the Archaic and Classical periods and here you can see finds from Palaipafos, Nea Paphos, Marion, and other smaller sites.  You will find a collection of coins that belonged to the Paphos and Marion kingdoms and some coins that date back to the Hellenistic and Roman times.  Pottery is also on display here along with some pottery from Athens to help demonstrate the trading relationship there would have been between the two cities.

Room three of the Paphos District Museum represents the Hellenistic and Roman periods and here you will find a collection of stone sarcophagi from the Hellenistic times and marble sculptures from Roman times.  There is also a collection of clay vessels that were molded to fit various parts of the body.  These are thought to have been used for therapeutic purposes.

Room four is where you will find objects that were discovered during excavations in Kato Paphos.  There are mural paintings from tombs and houses, objects from the House of Dionysos, and some Roman pottery.

Room five of the Paphos District Museum contains antiquities that were also founding Kato Paphos mainly in Chryssopolitissa and Saranta Kolones.  These include glazed pottery, glass vessels, stone sculptures, and mural paintings from the Frankish and Venetian periods.

For anyone that has an interest in history the Paphos District Museum is definitely the place to visit and makes for a fun and interesting day out for all.

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