Paphos Inspection Trip Procedure

If you are travelling to Paphos on an inspection trip here are some tips to make your trip a real success.

On Arrival
When you arrive at Paphos Airport you will be met and taken by a courtesy service to your accommodation which will be a 5 star hotel. You board here will be bed and breakfast.

Day One:
A representative from your inspection company will meet you at your hotel and take you to their offices where you will have a chance to discuss the options that are available to you. Many of these may have already been discussed prior to your arrival but here you will have a change to talk face to face and you will be presented with any alternative options that are available to you in their property portfolio.

Day Two:
When you have reached a decision as to which properties best suit your needs, you will be then taken on a guided tour of the properties you have choose and the surrounding areas. You will be treated to lunch and have the opportunity to discuss the properties that you have viewed. At the end of this property tour you will be taken back to your hotel where you can relax and think about your options.

Day Three:
Once again you will be collected from your hotel and your property viewing tour will continue. These properties that you will see today will be the ones you have chosen to view a second time or they will be additional properties and sites.

After you have been treated to lunch you will be taken back to your inspection companies offices where you will evaluate the properties that you have viewed. When you have come to a decision on the property that you prefer, you will then proceed to the second stage of the buying process. This will include any personal specifications that you have suggested plus and introduction to some of the lawyers that are available to you. The lawyer that you choose will brief you on tall the legal matters involved in buying the property and he/she will also draw up all the relevant documents and contracts.

Day Four:
Day four is your opportunity to relax and enjoy everything that Paphos has to offer. You can liaise with your inspection company should you have any questions you need answered before you return to the airport for your journey home.

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