Paphos Mosaics

The Paphos Mosaics are one of the most historic sites on the island of Cyprus.  Considered to be the finest mosaic in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Paphos Mosaics are located beside the harbour.

These striking mosaics are a must see and many of them show scenes from Greek Mythology.  They date from the 2nd century through to the 5th century and many are still in remarkable condition.  These mosaics would have originally been the floors of Roman noblesmen’s villas and many of these sites are still being excavated today.

Some of the houses where these mosaics are on view include the House of Dionysus, the House of Orpheus, the House of Aion, and the Villa of Theseus.  In the House of Dionysus there are 14 rooms in total that are covered with these fabulous mosaics and this is roughly around 556 square meters of space.  Here you will find mosaics showing the God of wine, Dionysus giving Ikarios the Kind of Athens the secret of viticulture.

The mosaics themselves were made from small cubes of marble and stone which were called tesserae and glass paste was used to broaden the range of color that was available in those days.

The Paphos Mosaics are in fact part of a larger archeological site that also includes a theatre and a castle and it is wise to take at least half a day to explore this area fully.  The area is open daily and the admission fee is minimal.  Some of the mosaics are also in sheltered areas which gives some relief from the summer sun.  You will also find benches located under trees where you can relax and take in the scenery.

There is also a visitor’s center here which includes toilets and a souvenir shop where you can get books and postcards.  There are a lot of signposts that direct you to various parts of the Paphos mosaics but a guidebook will also be useful.  If you are planning a holiday to Paphos then this is one trip that really shouldn’t be missed and it makes for an excellent day out too.

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