Paphos Nature Holidays

Paphos is a great location for nature holidays. There are a wide variety of plants, animal life, and of course Paphos is filled with unspoilt scenery for you to view. If your passion in life is nature, photography, or even painting, Paphos will definitely enchant you. The Akamas peninsula is a great location and here you can really take in the sights. There is rugged coastline that alternates between rocky shores and sandy bays. The scenery is magnificent too and perfect for those memorable photographs. Moving inland on the peninsula you will find some quaint little villages that are nestled in the hills.

Bird Watching:

Nature spotting and indeed bird watching come high on the agenda here in Paphos and there is an enormous list of birds to view.For those who don’t know, Cyprus is on the migratory path between Europe, Asia, and Africa and therefore you will see flocks of birds during migration season.Some of the birds you can hope to see during spring migration include storks, cranes, larks, wagtails, and swallows.In autumn there are a large number of raptors just waiting to be spotted.

Plant Life:

Cyprus is renowned for its unique and rare plant life and there are many rare endemic plants including the Cyprus orchid. A nature holiday in Paphos is a great way to become familiar with these rare plants and you are bound to see such beauties as the tulip, crocus, and the Cyprus orchid in its many colors. There are also a large range of wild anemones which can be seen during spring. Plant life is everywhere in Paphos and if you enjoy them you are sure to find Paphos is your botanist paradise.


The sandy beaches of Cyprus and in particular the Akamas peninsula are very important breeding grounds. These beaches are the breeding places for the green and loggerhead turtles and many are protected. It is thanks to this protection that the numbers of turtles have greatly increased. If you are interested in seeing these beautiful creatures a trip to turtle beach is a must.

As you can see a nature holiday in Paphos has much to offer, all that’s left now if for you to decide exactly what you want your nature holiday to involve.

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