Paphos Saranta Kolones

Paphos is full of wonderful and exciting locations to visit and among these is Saranta Kolones.  Saranta Kolones is the ruin of an ancient castle located just north of Paphos harbour.  When translated Saranta Kolones actually means castle of the 40 columns which is quite fitting considering that the castle itself was originally built using 40 ancient granite pillars.  These pillars were probably taken from Agora and were used in the structure of the castle.

It is thought that the castle itself was built at the end of the 7th century and would have been used to protect the harbour and Paphos city from Arab invasions although many reports also state that the Lusignan’s built this castle at the beginning of the 13th century.  It is most likely that both accounts are true and the original castle was remodeled by the Lusignan’s.

The entire castle building would have been surrounded by a large wall which is estimated to have been 3 meters thick.  There would also have been a moat and the wall surrounding the castle was strengthening by eight towers.

The entrance to the castle of Saranta Kolones would have been located on the east tower and would have been accessible through a large wooden bridge located above the moat.  The castle consisted of a square courtyard which measured 35 meters square with four towers placed at its corners.  On the east side of the castle there was a fifth tower which was horseshoe shaped and it was here that the main entrance to the castle was located.

On each of the sides of the courtyard there were huge piers that carried vaulted arches and the second floor was supported by these.  The castle would have been quite magnificent in its time but unfortunately it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1223.

What you see today are the ruins of Saranta Kolones and some of the magnificent arches and columns that were used in its construction.  The remains are great fun to explore and make a great day out for all the family.  Parents should take extra care with children as some of the walls and stairs have no safety barriers even though they are quite high up.

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