Sue and Barry From Kent

Sue and I feel in love with Paphos the first time we visited some years ago now.  We began holidaying here yearly and when we decided to buy a holiday home we couldn’t think of anywhere better.

In 2005 we took the plunge and purchased a fabulous three bedroom villa in Paphos.  We have our own private pool and the beach is just minutes away.  The town itself is within walking distance and everything we need is within arms reach.  The people in Paphos are so friendly and welcoming and there is a well established British expat community here too so we’re never lonely.

The weather in Paphos is another thing that really appealed to us and with average temperature reaching 32C in summer and 16C in winter it really is a great place to be.  Another great thing is that they drive on the same side of the road as back in Britain and you can shop at M&S, Sue loves this.

If you want to work here there are great incentives.  Once you spend at least 182 days in the country per year your income tax will only be 5%.  The property prices are still really cheap too and on average a one bedroom apartment with a communal swimming pool will set you back approximately £50,000.  Well you were in 2005 anyway.

Paphos is a great place to buy property and is well sought after.  There are great views and we have views of both the mountains and the sea from our villa.  There are great places to eat and of course during the summer months the atmosphere is amazing and is buzzing with tourists.

Even though we have only been here a couple of years we already class Paphos as our home.  We have made some really great friends and we can’t think of anywhere else we would like to be.  Buying property abroad is such a big step as is moving away from everything you know, but when you move to Paphos it really doesn’t feel like this.  You still get to speak English and most of our friends and neighbours are from Britain too.

We had no problems with the purchase of our property either even though a lot of people do.  We took our solicitors advice and everything we smoothly.  I we were to recommend property abroad to anyone we would definitely recommend Paphos.