Sarah and Roger From Newcastle

It was April 2006 when we eventually moved into our three bed villa in Paphos.  We were due to move in in April 2005 but due to some problems we had to wait a year.  The problems all started with the developer that we chose and our lack of knowledge.

We have learned since then that there are some good and bad developers here in Paphos and we just chose the wrong ones.  There is also a big lack of quality control and this means that inexperienced builders can just come along and start building houses and if you are unfortunate enough to be conned by them as we were then it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Fortunately for us we had a very good solicitor who was in fact from Cyprus so that really helped.

What we found out later was that these developers just didn’t want to pay for quality work and that is why we had to wait over a year to move into our home.  We also had a number of construction issues as well as finishing issues to content with.  There was actually a hole in one of the bedroom walls, and the plumbing was a disaster.  The bathroom was not what my wife had chosen either.  All major problems at the time but thanks to our solicitor and his knowledge we got them sorted.

The problems seem like a bit of a distant memory now and we love our new home.  We have made it our own and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  Our house overlooks the sea, the beach is just a stroll away, and the sun shines from morning till night.  You really couldn’t ask for anything more.The people here are so friendly too and very welcoming.

There are also a lot of British so there’s always someone to chat to.  It’s the perfect lifestyle and if we hadn’t had those few problems at the start this would really have been a dream come true for all of us.  Problems can happen when you are buying property abroad so make sure you do your research first.