Robert and Kim from Manchester

We’re Robert and Kim and we have just moved into our new home in Paphos in Cyprus.  It has always been a dream of ours to have a holiday home abroad and Paphos is perfect.  There is sunshine all year round, fabulous sandy beaches, clear seas, wonderful food, and very welcoming English speaking locals.  They also really like the British which is something that you want.

The prices here in Paphos are great too and flights are cheap.  We plan on renting out our property for part of the year and we have been told that this can be arranged locally so that’s great.  Our apartment has two bedrooms and is in a bunch of about 30 other apartments so it’s not too big and not too small.  Our balcony overlooks the sea and there is a communal pool that everyone can use.  It is only a small walk to the shops as well.

We didn’t have any problems when it came to buying our property.  You hear of so many horror stories about everything going wrong and people losing so much money.  I guess we were very lucky.  We did a lot of research before hand and we actually came on three property viewing tours before deciding.  We also did a background check on both the developers and the builders they were using and we hired our own civil engineer to oversee the project and keep an eye on the development.

This did cost us quite a bit extra but seeing as though we didn’t have any problems it was probably well worth it.  There was a slight delay with the finishing schedule but with a new build that is only to be expected.

We are looking forward to spending many summers here in Paphos with our family and we have already made some very good friends.  That’s the great thing about Paphos, no one knows you but yet everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  We hope that in the years to come we can look forward to a relaxing retirement here too.