Paphos Property Review: Carol and Les From Leeds

We bought our apartment in Paphos back in 2003 and we love it.  We are part of a community of about 40 apartments and we have made some great friends.  People think that buying property abroad is just the same as buying at home but there really are some differences especially here in Cyprus.  The laws are different here and in some cases it can take years to get your property deeds.  With that said, if you follow the proper procedures and do your research beforehand you shouldn’t have any problems.

Many of our friends often ask us why we chose to buy in Paphos; the simple answer is that we love it here.  We first came in 2000 on a summer holiday and we fell in love with the place.  The weather here is amazing, almost 340 days of sunshine per year, then there are the beaches, Coral Bay is just fantastic.  Add to this the locals and you have the perfect location.

It’s mainly English speaking here so you don’t need to learn a foreign language either which is great for us.  The cost of living is much cheaper than at home too.

When we bought our property we chose a local company here in Paphos and came on a property seeing tour as well.  We bought off the plans but through the advice of our solicitor we hired our own engineer who oversaw that project and ensured that everything was going according to schedule.  He also reported back to us if there were any problems.  This was very important to us especially seeing as though we were in Leeds and our property was being built in another country.

All in all everything went really well and we moved into our apartment just two weeks after the scheduled completion date.  We absolutely love it here and wouldn’t consider selling or moving for anything.  We do know that property prices here are increasing and with entry in the EU they are set to rise even further meaning that we could make an excellent profit if we were looking to sell.  We’re not though and hope to spend the rest of our lives here.