Keith and Mary from West Yorkshire

We bought our villa in Paphos about 2 years ago now and we must admit that it really has been a dream come true.  We were a little unsure at first and we often questioned if we were doing the right thing, selling up and moving abroad.  We didn’t really know that much about Cyprus at the time but we had been on holidays a few times and we really loved the area and the people.

It was a big risk both financially and personally but we are so glad that we did.  We have all that we could have ever asked for, sunshine all year round, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear seas, wonderful food, low crime rates, and excellent friends and neighbours.  It really is just what we had hoped for.  You hear horror stories of people buying abroad and being totally let down, conned out of their money, and left with a property that they just can’t live in.  We were lucky.  We followed all the rules and spent a couple of months researching all the aspects of buying property in Cyprus.

We used a local solicitor which really saved us a great deal of hassle mainly because he knew all the laws and procedures that we needed to follow in order to purchase our home.  He was able to explain everything to us including the fact that it could take a number of years for us to receive our title deeds.  He explained about contracts, fees, and everything else we needed to know so that our property purchase went as smoothly as possible.  We really can’t stress enough just how important this was.  It saved us a great deal of trouble.

We can now sit back on our patio and relax and enjoy the sun each and every day.  We have met some wonderful friends and neighbours who have also moved from Britain so Paphos to us is like a second home from home.  The locals are fantastic and very friendly.  All in all we wouldn’t change a thing.  We can relax in our pool, or take a short wake to the beach.  It’s the paradise we’ve always dreamed of.