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If you need to avail of healthcare whilst visiting Paphos there are a number of hospitals and medical centers that you can choose from. If you are going on holidays to Cyprus you should bring with you an E111 form as this entitles you to receive any medical treatment you may need. If you do not have an E111 form or EHIC as it can also be called the state hospitals will charge you for any treatment that you may receive. You can claim this back once you return home.

Hospitals in Paphos:

Paphos General Hospital is a general hospital and provides care for all people attending. This is a public hospital and it caters for emergencies.
Tel: 00 30 26940111 or 62401000

St. George’s Private Hospital is also located in Paphos. This hospital has been in operation since 1992 and contains a number of specialist laboratories including cardiology, X-ray, vitro fertilization, ETN, microbiological, and ophthalmic. They all have a number of operating theatres and a maternity wing.

Evangelismos Hospital is another of Paphos’s hospitals and includes a number of departments such as cardiology, radiology, obstetrics, dental, physiotherapy, casualty, and an information centre. There are also a number of surgical departments which include trauma surgery and orthopaedics. There is also an IVF and Fertility department here.

The last hospital is the Iasis Private Hospital. This hospital has 24 hour medical assistance, a casualty department, and an intensive care unit.

Medical Centers in Paphos:

There are two very good medical centers in Paphos. St. James Medical Centre has a number of services and can cater for emergency treatment along with general surgery, cardiology, urology, paediatrics, and gynaecology.

The Blue Cross Medical Centre offers the most comprehensive range of treatment and is staffed by a number of fully qualified UK trained nursing staff. There is an intensive care unit and a maternity nursery available. There are also three operating theatres where all operations can be carried out. This medical centre also has a pharmacy, 24 hour casualty, and there is a dental surgeon available for dental emergencies. The Blue Cross Medical Centre also operates its own ambulance service and they can be arranged to transfer patients to the airport or their hotel.

As you can see there are various healthcare options you can avail of should you fall ill whilst holidaying in Paphos. All offer excellent treatment and a professional service.

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