Visiting Paphos!

The Best Way To Get To Paphos…

When it comes to visiting Paphos, the best way to travel is by plane. Paphos International Airport receives flights daily and most of these can be booked online at relatively cheap prices. You can also book through your local travel agent. Some of the airlines that fly to Paphos International Airport include Cyprus Airways, First Choice Holidays, and Air Holland. If you are flying from outside Europe it is probable that you will have to fly to a major European Airport first. From here you will then get a connecting flight to Paphos.

Transport Choices In Paphos

When you arrive at Paphos International Airport your next choice will be transport. There are a number of options available to you. Many tourists decide to rent a car or have one ready for them when they arrive. There are a number of rental car companies located throughout Cyprus and many of them offer discounts for online booking. The advantage of this is that you can have your rental car waiting for you once you arrive at the airport.

Once you leave the airport the main roadway will take you directly to the centre of Paphos.If you have not hired a rental car there are two other options available to you.You can hire a taxi to take you to your holiday accommodation or you can take the public bus.It takes approximately 20 minutes by bus to reach Paphos town centre by bus.If you are hiring a taxi you might want to ensure that you hire a private taxi.Public taxis often pick up a number of people and you could end up sharing your taxi with complete strangers.

The public bus service is another way to get to your final destination in Paphos.The public bus service in Cyprus goes to all the major cities and towns and you can get the bus from the airport.

Although Paphos is a coastal region, entry via boat is not an option here.There are no legal ports in Paphos so the only real way to get here is by plane.

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