Paphos Transportation!

Getting Around Whilst Holidaying In Paphos

There are a number of methods of transport that you can avail of whilst visiting Paphos and these include car, motorcycle, bus, and taxi.

Rental Cars:
Many tourists often hire rental cars when they arrive in Paphos and this gives them the opportunity to explore the region at their leisure. This is by far the most preferred option and rental car companies can be found both at the airport and online. You can book your rental car online and have it waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.


You can also rent a motorcycle which is less expensive than car hire. This is ideal for travelers who are on their own or for couples. Hiring a motorcycle is the cheaper option and it will also save you money on both gas and insurance. It is important to note however, that helmets must be worn at all times whist on a motorcycle.

Taxi Service:

Taxis are also very popular and there are two types available; the service taxis and private taxis. Service taxis may be cheaper but there is always the possibility that you may be sharing with strangers as these taxis are large vehicles that can carry a large number of passengers. Private taxis are more expensive but you are guarantee that you will be traveling unaccompanied. Taxi services are available throughout the day and night.

ACROPOLIS VASSOS TAXI CO.LTD is the most popular taxi service in paphos. You can book your taxi online.

Public Transport:

Public transport is another option that you can avail of and the bus is an inexpensive way to travel around Paphos and neighboring cities. The buses in Paphos do not run on a set schedule so patience is required and sometimes quite a wait. There are also only a certain number of routes on which these buses travel so this can be a problem for those who wish to view areas that are not on the route. Tickets are bought on board the bus and there are very cheap but it is wise to check timetables carefully as some buses stop from around 7pm.

As you can see there are a number of options available when it comes to getting around Paphos, the only thing left to decide is which option is the right one for you.