Paphos Apartment!

If you are looking to buy or rent a Paphos apartment you really will be amazed at the choice that is on offer. Apartments range from a self catering apartment in Paphos to the Mayfair Apartment Hotel. There are a wide range of holiday apartments in Paphos that are available for short term holiday rental and you can find many of these through real estate agents or on the internet.

When it comes to choose a Paphos apartment whether it’s a holiday apartment, a self catering apartment in Pahos, or an apartment in the Mayfair Apartment hotel, you will be surprised at how little they can cost.

A brand new luxury apartment for example that can sleep up to 10 people located within a tranquil complex with beautifully landscaped gardens and an adult and kiddies pool will set you back approximately £500 per week. Divide that by 10 people and you are looking at a luxury apartment for just £50 per week.

A first floor apartment in a new development near the Tomb of the Kings with a large swimming pool and landscaped gardens will cost you approximately £350 per week. This apartment will sleep up to 5 people. This complex caters for adults and children and overlooks the sea.

A self catering apartment in Paphos with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace, and a garden will set you back approximately £400 per week. A one bedroom Paphos apartment that sleeps up to three people is only £250. With prices like this it is no wonder that more and more holiday makers are looking for an apartment to rent in Paphos rather than booking a package holiday.

Paphos apartments are also in high demand with property buyers and investors. These luxury apartments are relatively cheap and are a great rental investment. Many people purchase these apartments and rent them out throughout the year making back their initial investment within a couple of years.

If you would be interested in purchasing a Paphos apartment there are a number of real estate agents that would be only too willing to help.

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