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  • We were a little unsure at first and we often questioned if we were doing the right thing, selling up and moving abroad. read


  • The flat not being ready in May was a real let down, but believe me it was only the start of our problems. read
  • John and I bought a flat off the plans and had a few problems with the builders which did cause quite a lot of stress at the time. read
  • I bought my home in Paphos back in 2005 and I love it. I love the lifestyle, the country, the people, and most of all the sunshine. read
  • It was something I had always wanted to do especially because I love the sunshine and the lifestyle that comes with it. read
  • It was April 2006 when we eventually moved into our three bed villa in Paphos. We were due to move in in April 2005 but due to some problems we had to wait a year. read
  • We plan on renting out our property for part of the year and we have been told that this can be arranged locally so that’s great. read
  • Paphos is an excellent place to buy, you get sunshine all year round, there are very low crime rates, and the people are so friendly and welcoming. read
  • All in all everything went really well and we moved into our apartment just two weeks after the scheduled completion date. read
  • We took our solicitors advice and everything we smoothly. I we were to recommend property abroad to anyone we would definitely recommend Paphos. read



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