Jane From Birmingham

I bought my home in Paphos back in 2005 and I love it.  I love the lifestyle, the country, the people, and most of all the sunshine.  At first it was hard when I moved here, mainly because I missed my family and friends back home in Birmingham.  My husband and I had always planned on retiring abroad and when he passed away in 2002 I promised that I would do as we had planned.

It didn’t take very long to settle here in Paphos as there are plenty of Brits here including myself and I have made some very good friends.  Having a computer and internet connection also helps as I can keep in touch with family and friends back home all the time.  I also have friends come to stay which is great too.  Where I bought my apartment there are also a number of other apartments so I have neighbours which is great especially if I feel lonely or just want a chat.  Our little complex is very close knit and we all look out for one another.  Even though I’ve only been here a short time, it feels like much longer.

I had no problems when it came to purchasing my apartment.  I read up as much as I could beforehand and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing.  You really do need to do proper research and know what you are doing.  You need to know who you are buying your property from or who will be building it.  You need to have your wits about you.  I have heard of people going with a developer because they said that they could build their home for £5,000 to £10,000 cheaper and they ended up having a lot of problems.

I have to say I have been lucky and probably very fortunate.  I did all my research, took the tour, picked my property, and had a reputable company do all the work for me and it was worth it, I had no problems and my new home in Paphos is the best thing I have ever done.