Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains run across the centre of Cyprus and are filled with spectacular scenery and charming mountain villages. Mount Olympus is located in the Troodos Mountains and you can ski here in January and February. There are a number of Byzantine churches in the Troodos Mountains and nine of these are on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The Troodos Mountains offer tourists come excellent forest walks and there are many famous mountain resorts, Byzantine monasteries and churches, and picturesque villages to be explored. The mountains themselves have long been known for their mines and during the Byzantine period they were a safe haven from the threatened coastlines.

The Troodos Mountains offer some excellent nature walks which have been created by the Forestry Department where you can view some of the rich flora and fauna that can be found.

There are six different districts in the Troodos Mountains and these are Machairas to the east, Troodos district around mount Olympus, Pitsillia, Soleas Valley, Marathassa Valley, and Krassochoria.

Pitsillia can be found on the eastern slopes of the Troodos Mountains and this beautiful village is set among vineyards, orchards of almonds and hazelnuts, and an array of wild flowers.

Some of the most interesting places to visit in the Troodos Mountains are listed below.

  • Louvaras is locted 28 km north of Limassol and here you will find the church of Ayios Mamas which was built in 1455. Some of the wall paintings inside have been signed by Philip Goul.
  • Agros is where you will find gardens full of roses, cool springs, and the site where the monastery of Panayia Eleousa Argou once stood. In its place today there is a 19th century Byzantine church.
  • Palaichori which is 15 km from Agros is where you will find the church of the transfiguration of the saviour. This is an early 16th century chapel that overlooks this village. The inside of this chapel is painted with a series of murals.
  • Throughout the Troodos Mountains you will find many different churches and monasteries from different periods in history. Many have fantastic paintings and murals on their walls.

Ski In Troodos Mountains

When you think of Cyprus the first thing that probably comes to mind is glorious sunshine and soaring temperatures. Very few people would ever conjure up images of skiing but believe it or not, you can actually go skiing in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus.

Between the months of December and March skiing is available in the Troodos Mountains. The Troodos Mountains are a serious of mountains that occupy most of the southern half of Cyprus. In the centre of these mountains you will find Mt. Olympus which is the island’s highest peak. Mt. Olympus is 6,402 feet high and is easy to distinguish due to the huge domes that resemble golf balls. There are several other peaks in this area that reach 5,000 feet or above and it is here where skiing is to be found.

The skiing season in Cyprus normally begins in January when enough snow has covered the mountains and this will last until the end of March. The Troodos Skiing Centre is located between the two high peaks and is a great place to stay and visit. The Cyprus Ski club runs the facilities and maintains them and the Cyprus Ski Federation uses these facilities for training their ski racing teams.

The ski resorts in Cyprus are not huge resorts like you find in Austria or any other skiing destination in Europe but when you stay here you can ski in the morning and lounge by the pool or on the beach in the afternoon.

The resort itself has four T-bar lifts, X trails, and a 600 foot vertical drop. The resort is divided into two interconnecting parts and each is served by two lifts. The official center of the skiing activities is Sun Valley where you will find a traditional cafeteria, ski rental shops, and other amenities. This is also where the beginner slopes are located.

From some of the slopes you can see the coastline and practically the whole of the island. You can see the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea and on very clear days you can see the snow capped Taurus Mountains in Turkey.

The annual Troodos International Ski Competition takes place in February and this is held on from the 25th to the 27th of the month every year. The Dias Slope plays host to this amazing competition which is controlled by the International Ski Federation. It’s a great day out and well worth the visit.