John and Sarah From Lancashire

In August 2004 we made the decision to buy property in Paphos.  We had been here on holidays for a number of years and John and I just fell in love with the place.  It really is beautiful and the people here are so friendly.  Add to that that there are loads of Brits and it’s just like a home from home only with sunshine all year round.

John and I bought a flat off the plans and had a few problems with the builders which did cause quite a lot of stress at the time.  It’s a distant memory now but at the time we thought everything was going to fall apart and we would never get our flat.  The builders were making so many mistakes and it was costing so much money having these mistakes fixed.  John eventually got fed up with it and took action.  It turned out that the developers had hired cheap builders and were using cheap materials and this was what was causing all the problems.

Once we got to the bottom of that John insisted that proper builders were employed and he kept a very close eye on things.  We moved into our flat three months after the promised completion date and there were a couple of teething problems.  Not many though and what there was easily sorted.  At one stage we have a leak which was mended within days.

All in all I would have to say that our flat has been a success and we are very happy with the outcome.  Even though we had a lot of stress in the initial stages we are now very happy with our lives and enjoying our retirement with the rest of our neighbours.  John and I are only 1 of 40 homeowners in our complex and out of all 40 of us only 6 had problems so I guess you could say it’s not all that bad and if you take into account that we have sunshine all year round, a swimming pool, and a beach nearby, our property buying experience abroad has been the best decision we ever made.  Here’s to many more years of blissful sunshine in Paphos