Paphos Castle

Paphos castle is located in Kato Paphos at the harbour. This castle was originally built to protect the harbour and was a Byzantine fort. During the 13th century the castle was rebuilt by the Lusignans. In 1570 however, the castle was once again destroyed by the Venetians who at that time were unable to protect the castle from the ongoing attacks by the Ottomans. The Ottomans succeeded in gaining access to Paphos and during the Ottoman rule the castle was once again restored, expanded, and strengthened to what it is today.

The castle itself is a stunning stone walled castle built on the harbour.  There is an arched battle way bridge that connects the castle to the harbour itself.  There are very few windows in this castle but the view from the top platform is magnificent and from here you can see Kato Paphos in all its glory.  It really is a site worth seeing and for those interested in culture; Paphos Castle is a definite must see during your trip to Cyprus.

Paphos Castle is listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and is fully protected.

In 1935 Paphos castle was declared an ancient monument and to this day it is considered to be one of the many hallmarks of the Paphos region.  The square just in front of Paphos castle is used for many cultural events throughout the year.  Most of these events take place annually and in September you can see the Aphrodite Festival.  The Paphos Aphrodite Festival organizers invite a well known opera troupe to come and perform every year.  This stunning event takes place in the square in front of Paphos Castle and the castle itself is used for scenery in the opera.  Some of the famous operas that have been performed include Verdi’s La Traviata and Bizet’s Carmen.

Once inside the castle there is not much to see or do but once you reach the top platform you will see the breath taking view of the marina.  Many people also use Paphos Castle as a backdrop for some amazing and memorable holiday pictures.

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