Flights From London

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing holiday in Cyprus why not start with the airport you choose to fly from. Before the recent surge in airport security issues and the resulting backlogs, the wise traveller already knew that choosing to fly from a regional airport was always the better option.

With a regional airport such as Stansted in London you can forget the endless traffic queues and the expensive parking rates. The traffic on the M25 is enough to put anyone off when it comes to reaching the airport and the parking rates they charge at Gatwick and Heathrow are ridiculous. This is why many holiday makers are now choosing to fly from Stansted.

Stansted airport is the perfect choice when flying to Cyprus. You can fly to Ercan airport in Northern Cyprus and avoid all the queues and traffic as well.

Flying From Stansted

Stansted is everything a good airport should be. It is large enough to provide all the facilities that you require and all travellers can be accommodated with ease. There are minimum delays and very little fuss and this is because unlike Gatwick and Heathrow, Stansted is small enough to offer that extra personal touch.

Flying from Stansted is a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend travelling. Let’s face it, when it comes to holidays you want to start as you mean to go on and that means relaxed from the start. When you fly from Stansted that is exactly what you get.

With the new exit on the M11 you can get to Stansted airport directly completely bypassing the old roundabout that used to get congested. The terminal building has ample parking and reasonable rates. The terminal building itself offers everything you need to start your holiday including restaurants, bars, and plenty of shops. You can avail of tax cuts and duty free and that’s before you set off on holidays.

Once you’ve checked in for your flights you can sit back and relax in the bar while you wait for your flight to be called. It’s the perfect start to the perfect holiday and all this is made possible by choosing to fly from Stansted.