Flights From Yorkshire

If you are looking to book a holiday Cyprus, say Paphos for example but just can’t figure out where to fly from then you’ve come to the right place.  Cyprus is a beautiful and relaxing holiday location that you will want to start your holiday as you mean to go on.  This starts with your choice of departure airport.

Flights from Yorkshire to Cyprus are available from Doncaster/Sheffield and Leeds/Bradford but I would like to suggest an alternative.  Have you ever considered flying from London Stansted?  With excellent rail connections Stansted can be the perfect way to start a really relaxing holiday.

The train station at Stansted is located right under the terminal so you won’t have to take your luggage very far and you can go directly from the train to the check in desk in a matter of minutes.  If you are travelling from Leeds, Newcastle, or anywhere in the north you can get the train to Peterborough and from here get a connecting train to Stansted airport.  Trains from Peterborough run every 15 minutes so there will always be one available to suit your flight time.

Of course you can choose to fly from Yorkshire via Doncaster/Sheffield or Leeds/Bradford but you will need to be prepared for the queues, delays, and crowds.  These airports are extremely busy and during the holiday season they can get very overcrowded and holiday makers can face long delays.

If you choose to fly from Stansted however, you won’t have all this.  You will have a hassle free departure and a great start to your holiday.  Stansted is large enough to accommodate planeloads of holiday makers but it is also small enough to be able to provide that special personal touch.  The customer service is excellent as are the bars, restaurants, and shops.

Everything is on hand and available and once you’ve checked in hassle free you can relax in comfort while you wait to board your flight.  It really is worth thinking about if you planning on travelling to Cyprus for your summer holidays.