Weather in April

Springtime in Paphos is during March and April and during this time the entire island of Cyprus is stunning. Cyprus has over 1800 different species of plants and flowers and many of them can only be seen during this time. Orchids which Cyprus is most famous for bloom during the months of February, March, and April and there are 35 different species which can be found here. The most famous of the orchids is the Ophrys Kotschyi and this can be found during springtime on the lower slopes of the Kyrenia Mountains. The flower is pink in colour and is bee shaped.

The season for orchids is from February through to April so if you visit after these months you will have missed out on their splendour.

From April right through until the middle of May nature is in full bloom and Paphos and its surrounding areas really are a joy to visit. For those who love the outdoors nature hikes and off road holidays are extremely popular during this time. Treks through the Akamas peninsula are also a favourite with many.

Temperatures are starting to climb during the month of April and you can expect to have plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the early 20’s which means a day at the beach doesn’t have to be ruled out. Temperatures may fall a bit during the night so it is wise to bring some light woollies or long sleeved tops for the evenings.

April is the perfect month for those who love nature and you will be glad to know that the countryside is in full bloom and hosts a delightful array of colours.

You can also visit all the major tourist attractions and historical sites of Paphos as the majority of these are open all year round although in springtime many of them are surrounded by beautiful wild flowers that you won’t see at any other time of the year. During the summer time most of the plants die off as it is just too warm and dry.

Bird watching is also favoured during April and many birds are still here in Cyprus have stopped during their migratory flights.

Paphos weather all year-around