Paphos Weather: July

Most holiday makers tend to visit Paphos during the months of July and August. These are the warmest months of the summer and very light clothing is all you will need to bring. At this time of the year the weather makes it ideal for swimming in the sea, long days at the beach, and some great water activities.

July is one of the busiest months for tourists in Paphos and it is also extremely lively with all the shops, restaurants, and bars coming alive. The weather is very hot and very dry and temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius.

July in Paphos is the time for the summer concerts and the Youth Concert is just one of these that take place in Paphos. The streets come alive and the music is great. The Koumandaria Festival also takes place in July and this festival celebrates the wine of the region and is another great day out and an excuse to sample the local wine.

For nature lovers, July is the month when the Giant Squill comes to life. It’s leafless stalk is filled with tall spikes of pale starry flowers and they look amazing on the waste ground. The trees in summer time are also spectacular and you will find Jacarandas that shed a bright mauve mat on the ground, and there are also Persian Lilacs.

During the month of July the streets are filled with tourists and so are the beaches. The museums and ancient sites are full and everywhere is teeming with life. There are some great places to visit including Aphrodites’ Rock, The Tomb of the Kings, the Paphos Mosiacs, and much more. Paphos is full of history and there will be something to fill all of your days.

For most though, holidaying in Paphos during the month of July is all about the sun, sand, and sea and for most they are looking for a beach holiday. The beach at Coral Bay is the most popular beach and here you can avail of some great water sports including windsurfing, water skiing, and snorkelling. This beach also has a beach bar where you can get refreshing drinks and light snacks.

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