September in Paphos

If you visit Paphos during the month of September you can expect to find hot sunny days but without the searing temperatures you find in July and August. Temperatures will range from 27 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

The Mediterranean Sea will still be warm enough to swim in comfortably and you will still be able to spend most of your days on the beach if this is what you are after. All the restaurants, bars, shops, and cafes will still be open full time and it will still feel very much like the middle of summer except that the number of holiday makers will be slightly less. September is probably one of the best months to enjoy the beach, swimming, and water sports because of the fact that everywhere is less crowded.

During the month of September there is an annual wine festival held in Limassol. This festival is held during the first 10 days of September and is something that you really shouldn’t miss. In Paphos you can see the Aphrodite Festival which is also held every September. This is an annual opera festival that takes place at the castle square close to the harbour. Different opera companies take part each year and this is something that you shouldn’t miss either.

The evenings can get a little cooler during September and it may be necessary to pack something a little warmer for the night time.
For nature lovers you can catch sight of two endangered species of sea turtle during the month of September. These sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand between June and October and you can book a tour where you can go to see them.

You can also visit all the ancient sights and monuments that Paphos has to offer during the month of September. There is also hiking and biking in the Troodos Mountains. Really the month of September feels just like the middle of summer with everything on offer. The only different is that there are fewer tourists to get in your way when you want to do anything

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