October in Paphos

October marks the beginning of autumn in Cyprus and as this month draws to a close the evenings will begin to get a little cooler. It is during October and November that the vineyards on the island take on their unique gold characteristics and the leaves on the trees in the Troodos Mountains begin to change colour. This is a truly amazing sight especially when it is seen against a striking blue clear sky.

During the day October can still feel very much like summer but you are advised to pack some heavier clothes for the evenings as these can feel a little cool. During the day it is still warm enough to relax on the beach or swim in the Mediterranean Sea and there are still a number of water sports that you can enjoy.

The bars and restaurants, as well as the shops are all still open and for those looking for a little excitement, October is the month when the annual Kypria festival is held. This is a festival filled with music and drama performances and both local and international performers are involved.
For the perfect day trip why not visit one of the vineyards around Paphos. Many of them offer tasting tours and these are highly enjoyable and an excellent day out. You can also visit all of the museums, ancient buildings and monuments, and the tourist attractions around Paphos as most of these are open all year round.

October is also the season for figs and there is no finer fruit than a fresh fig picked in Paphos. In Cyprus figs are very cheap and you can find them growing in almost all the gardens.
Nature lovers can still go hiking and walking in the Troodos Mountains and there is still the chance to see two endangered species of sea turtles as they lay their eggs in the sands around Paphos. These sea turtles use 80 of the beaches in Northern Cyprus and you can see them between June and October.

As you can see there is still much to do and see in Paphos during the month of October and for many this is one of the best months to visit. This is mainly due to the fact that the weather is still excellent but the place is not over crowded with tourists.

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