November in Paphos

November in Paphos sees the start of the winter months and the rainy season which will last up until the end of February or March. During this time you can expect to have up to 6 days of rain per month. The weather still remains pleasantly warm though and you can still enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is also pleasant enough for sunbathing and you can partake in most water sports.

Those visiting Paphos during the month of November are sure to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday as most of the sun worshiping beach lovers will have vanished. Sightseeing is highly recommended during November and the splendid panoramas of colours are a definite must. The leaves will have changed colours and the vineyards take on a gold and crimson shade.
Open air lunches are a delight as in walking and hiking in the Troodos Mountains. November with its slightly cooler weather is also ideal for visiting many of the famous sites in Paphos. You can explore the Tomb of the Kings, and the Paphos Mosaics at leisure without having to hide from the searing sun. The evening temperatures do tend to fall and light woollens are recommended.

Towards the end of November the lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and pomegranates have all ripened and are beginning to fall from the trees. The pomegranates are usually very juicy. There are three different types of oranges that grow here. The wild orange tends to be bitter and is mostly used for making marmalade. You will also find the mandarin which can be a little sharp and the sweet orange.

Olives are also harvested at this time of year and are processed for their oil. There are over a million olive trees to be found in Northern Cyprus and you will see them everywhere you go.

No matter what you have in mind for your holiday to Paphos you can be sure that the month of November won’t disappoint. The temperatures can reach up to the mid 20’s during the day and you will enjoy plenty of sunshine. The bars and restaurants remain open and you are sure to have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

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