Paphos Weather in March

When you visit Paphos during the month of March you may find that the days are still a little cool with temperatures averaging around 19 degrees Celsius. As this is early spring you will find that when you visit many of the historical locations around Paphos that they are carpeted with a wide range of wild flowers and that they are full of colour.

Aphrodite’s Baths are spectacular to visit during the month of March and during this time you will see pink cyclamen sprouting from the rocky foothills and forming a natural adornment around this beautiful spot. In the fields you will see the pink monkey orchids waving their leaves and the countryside is indeed a wonderful place and fully visible in its natural splendour during this time.

Nature is at its best during the month of March and it is also a great time to enjoy most outdoor activities. Long country walks are a joy and you really do get to see a wide range of wild flowers. In February and March you can see grape hyacinth and narcissi along with cyclamen and a wide range of coloured anemones in the fields. There are so many colours including blue, red, pink, and white and this truly is the nature lover’s time to visit this island.

Birdwatchers will also be greatly pleased if they visit Paphos during the month of March as it is from March to May and again in late summer that over 300 species of birds call Cyprus their home as they travel on the migratory route. Some birds species that you can see include the Griffon Vulture, Hirundelle, Pochard, Golden Oriole, and the Cyprus Pied Wheatear.

Other exciting things to do and see include the annual Paphos Marathon which is a great day out and international visitors all come to take part. It was here in 2004 that a new course record was set by the French runner Ditier Pommey. The marathon is held on the 6th of March every year. Another event is the Classical Games and this takes part on the 25th of March every year. It takes place in the Pafiako Athletic Centre in Paphos and here you can see some of the best ancient games. There is also music and fireworks to finish off the day.

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